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LouGok----Originated from the ancient Chinese poem 《Xiaochi》

Our company has strong R&D and design strength, and gathers professional and technical personnel in the industry. The core developers have master's degrees. They have more than 20 years of experience in motor Inverter controller design, and have obtained a number of invention patents, utility model patents, and many Software products have independent intellectual property rights. Our company always regards technology research and development and innovation as an important strategic positioning for enterprise development, and is committed to the research and development and application of energy-saving and environmentally friendly motor control, home appliances and industrial control technologies. Machines, refrigerators, fans, pumps, power tools and other home appliances and industrial fields.

Inverter Control, IOT, New Energy.

Provide one-stop motor drive solutions and controller products, which can be widely used in various permanent magnet synchronous motors such as sensorless motors, motors with Hall position sensors, and servo motors. Combining motors with IOT provides a complete IoT application solution.

What we do

We have a broad technical accumulation and have successfully applied in various product fields.

Technical consultation

We are good at power electronics, intelligent applications, and can provide you with professional services.

Electric control scheme design

We will work with your product design department from the selection of schemes, the output of schematic diagrams, and the output of engineering documents.

Production of electric control components

Professional production process and Japanese managed factory are the guarantee of your product quality.

Electronic components sales

With a mature supply chain system and good cooperative relationship with well-known Chinese and international semiconductor companies, your products are free from worries.

industrial design

We also have senior industrial design engineers who can quickly transform your creativity into products.

Product realization

Customized products, including structure, electric control, mold and packaging.

Why LouGok is awesome?

May we work together to create more products that touch you and me.

Strong Team

5 engineers,1 foreign experts,2 masters,Worked for industry-leading companies.

Advanced Manufacturing

The factory management team is from Japan and OEM for many Fortune 500 companies.

Advanced Equipment

High-speed oscilloscope, high-precision variable frequency power supply, self-developed motor test system, etc.

Autonomous algorithms and core patents

Sensorless permanent magnet motor field-oriented control technology (FOC) and algorithm firmware with completely independent intellectual property rights.

Multiple success stories

There are more than 10 million devices running on our algorithm, and we have established cooperative relationships with many Fortune 500 companies.

Quick response

Years of global customer service experience, quick response and barrier-free communication.

Our Team

Meet the people who make awesome stuffs

Believe that good things will happen eventually.

Benny Su


Technology is our language of communication.

Sam Ma


There is nothing difficult in the world, just afraid of the unintentional.

Jessie Barnett


Motor-related home appliances, IOT and new energy

Combining Inverter and intelligence, energy saving and convenience, making the sky bluer and water clearer, and people's lives easier.

We have designed many products based on this principle.

Our Achievements

Work with us ,you will rest assured without anxiety

50+ Clients Worked With
250+ number of products
160+ patent
32 + average age

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